A guided audio tour of Stewkley

Why not enjoy a unique audio history experience of Stewkley?

Our village is steeped in history from its earliest recording in the Doomsday Book. We have outstanding architectural monuments; we have witnessed local riots; there walks an infamous ghost; we sacrificed our youth for two world wars; harboured suffragettes and organised the first successful environmental protest in England, against the third London Airport. So there is plenty to listen to as you make your way up and down the longest high street in England!

To help orientation we have divided the village into seven coloured areas. Working from South to North the areas are Green 1, Orange 2, Pink 3, Purple 4, Yellow 5, Blue 6 and Red 7.

Look out for the coloured numbered signs on telegraph poles. They can guide you, simply choose your point of interest to listen to the information about it. Sometimes there is further information, just scroll down.

For your increased enjoyment, it may be desirable to use headphones in your smartphone to listen to the audio, as the traffic noise through the village can be quite distracting.

However, please remember not to trespass on private property. Many of these historical points are only available to be viewed from the pavement. There is no access to the property.

Stewkley Village has a rich history and a dedicated Local History Group which explores all aspects of Stewkley heritage. If you are interested in finding out more, their website is a treasure trove of material and here is the link