Neighbourhood Plan All Sites Archive Page

The files below show all sites that have been put forward by land owners for potential development.  Most sites have been marked onto High Street North and High Street South maps.  Three sites that fall outside the boundary of these maps have been shown separately.   The next stage to assess the suitability of the proposed locations has been to:

a)  Invite an independent housing developer and highways consultant to examine the potential of sites they have identified where houses could potentially be built in the village.

b) Seek feedback from the consultant town planners engaged by the Parish Council to provide support for the development of the NP

c) Seek feedback from Aylesbury Vale District Council as part of the Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening process

An update will be published end Jan/early Feb with the results of these studies.

NP Sites updated 31.12.16






Sites to meet target set by AVDC

Identifying and Assessing Potential Sites for New Homes

A call for sites was backed up with contact to all land owners to identify potential sites for future development.  The documents below set out the process that was followed to score the sites and identify the additional 123 homes that Aylesbury Vale required to meet the targets in its local plan.




Background Information – Sites & Development

Report on the impact of new residential developments on house prices – LSE London