Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter – September 2018

Work has continued on the Stewkley neighbourhood plan over the summer months.
A team of 15 residents, all volunteers, are currently working on the plan.
The general feedback on the first draft of the plan from consultees has been positive.


The plan is currently in a phase of consultation. The Stewkley neighbourhood plan team are liaising with Aylesbury Vale District Council’s neighbourhood
planning team to ask for their observations on the policies contained within the draft plan.
The policies relate to housing, landscaping, heritage, education, amenities and traffic. Local and county officers responsible for the subjects of the various policies are being consulted as well—eg the heritage officer is being consulted on heritage matters.
It is anticipated that this series of consultations will take around six weeks.


The owners of the site at Soulbury Road recently invited tenders from a group of potential developers.
The neighbourhood plan team were invited to nominate developers for consideration and made one suggestion.
The results of the tender process are due in the next couple of months.


  • There is no further update with regards to progress on 66 High Street North.
  • The neighbourhood planning team have support for a proposed settlement boundary around the village beyond which no more development can take place.
  • All final proposals will be the subject of a village-wide referendum.

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