Stewkley neighbourhood plan

Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter September 2016


The various working groups have been continuing with their research and consultation over the summer.
The target is to complete this by the end of September and then provide the steering group with a report and recommendations.


A meeting, organised by Stewkley Parish Council, was held at the Village Hall on September 2.
This was to discuss the proposed application for 85 new homes at Soulbury Road.
The majority of residents who attended said they were against the proposal and indicated their preference for any new housing would be in smaller groups.


At its meeting on September 5, the parish council unanimously agreed to oppose the application for 85 new homes at Soulbury Road.
The parish council objected to the development because they believed it was too large for a village of this size and did not meet the needs of Stewkley parish.


The Stewkley Neighbourhood Planning Team have considered around fifty possible sites for new homes in the village. Some of the sites would be just for one house while others could pro-vide space for a dozen or so.
Twenty of these sites have been ruled out because the landowners do not wish to see any development on their land, which leaves 30 possible sites which are being assessed individually against an agreed criteria.
The NP team hope to be able to provide details of these locations by the end of the month. Then there will be a period of consultation on the sites with both villagers and planning officers from Aylesbury Vale District Council.