Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter – May 2018


Work has continued on the Stewkley neighbourhood plan over spring. Over the last few months members of the neighbourhood plan steering group have worked alongside the consultant to draft the plan.
Every effort is being made by all parties involved to get the first edition of the plan prepared for consultation with residents and other necessary bodies.


Liaison has continued between members of the neighbourhood plan steering group and those involved with the development of the site at 66 High Street North.
It is anticipated that Aylesbury Vale District Council’s planning committee will be considering detailed proposals on the site at their meeting in May.


Under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, contributions can be sought from developers towards the costs of providing community and social infrastructure, the need for which will arise as a result of a new development taking place.
As the site at 66 High Street North was approved on appeal, the planning inspector decided against a Section 106 requirement.
However, following negotiations between the land owners and the district and county councils a Section 106 contribution is proposed from the development at Soulbury Road.
The proposal is for £85,000 to be contributed towards the provision of a community- based transport project to service Stewkley and a further £58,800 per hectare for an open space/local equipment area for play.


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