Stewkley neighbourhood plan

Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter – December 2017


During November, residents were invited to respond to a survey about future housing proposals in Stewkley over the course of the next five, ten and fifteen years.
190 residents responded and the results have now been counted and are as follows:

Option 1—101 homes

This figure matches the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan’s suggested number and consists of 67 at Soulbury Road, 14 at Cricketers Farm, new homes at 66 High Street North plus 18 built or granted planning permission since 2013.
60 residents voted for this as their preferred option.

Option 2—127 homes

As above plus the developments at Wing Road and Potash Nursery. 64 residents voted for this option.

Option 3—150 homes

All homes identified during the neighbourhood plan process and subsequently presented at the public consultation in July.
66 residents voted for this option.


Neil Dickens, chair of the neighbourhood plan steering group:

“Whilst 190 residents expressed their preferences we would have liked to have seen more public interest.
From the responses it is evident the majority identified a greater need for additional new homes to be built in the village provided they are of the type that is needed.”


The results of the survey were discussed at a neighbourhood planning steering group meet- ing when it was noted that two thirds of the respondents supported a plan focused on Stewkley’s needs.
The group unanimously agreed to advise the Parish Council to proceed with option 3 (150 homes) in the neighbourhood plan.


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