Stewkley neighbourhood plan

Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter – December 2016


The planning application for new homes off Soulbury Road will not be heard by Aylesbury Vale District Council until 2017.
In the meantime, some changes have been made to the application:

  • The number of homes has been reduced from 85 to 67.
  • Proposed vehicle access to the site has been moved west so it is now enclosed between 8 Soulbury Road and 52 Dove Street.
  • Pedestrian and cycle links have been shown on the layout between Walducks Close and Orkney Close.
  • The internal layout has been altered to allow for continuous routes around the sites, removing most of the cul-de-sacs.


The neighbourhood plan team have asked an independent housing developer and highways consultant to examine the potential of sites they have identified where houses could potentially be built in the village.

Meanwhile, the parish council are in the process of preparing written policies about future locations in the village for development and the type and style of homes that could be supported.


Aylesbury Vale District Council has revised its housing numbers as it prepares the final version of the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan. It has now revised its allocation from 33,300 to less than 27,000.
It is not yet known whether this will impact Stewkley at all.


A flyer to seek views on possible sites for future development has been distributed to every home in the village.
24 people sent feedback after receiving the flyer.
Of those that replied, 66% were supportive of integrated locations.
Other issues raised during the feedback included type and number of homes, sewerage, traffic and whether the homes were affordable.
The steering group devised a question and answer sheet covering all the points raised and this has been sent to every individual who provided feedback.

The Stewkley Parish Council website has a dedicated neighbourhood plan section with more news and information.
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