May 2019 Parish Council Minutes

Minutes Stewkley Parish Council Meeting, 8pm, 7 May 2019

Attendees: (Chair) Cllr Higgins, Cllr Bottomley, Cllr Smith, Cllr Wodey, Cllr Burgess, Cllr Delafield, Cllr Pragnell. Clerk: Rob Mann. 4 members of the public

1) Receive Apologies: Cllr Pryke, Cllr Blake

2) Open Forum:
Comments from public re planning application 19/01406/APP.

3) Declaration of interest in items on the agenda: Cllr Delafield declared a non-financial interest in agenda item 5.b.

4) To confirm the minutes: The minutes of the previous PC Meeting on Monday, 1 April 2019 were confirmed as a true record and were signed and dated by Cllr Higgins.

5) Planning: To discuss planning applications and make recommendation.
a) Change of use of existing stable to residential dwelling
Blacklands Farm Dean Road Stewkley Buckinghamshire LU7 0EU
19/01387/APP. Expiry Wed 08 May 2019
Stewkley Parish Council determined that this application falls outside the Stewkley boundary and is therefore not required to comment. Blacklands Farm buildings are in the Dunton CP
b) Erection of bungalow
Land To Rear Of 28 Dunton Road Stewkley Buckinghamshire LU7 0HZ
19/01406/APP. Expiry 9 May 2019
Stewkley Parish Council resolved to object as the plan shows development into an area outside the settlement boundary.
c) Proposed stables, store room, feed room, clipping room, forge, office and ménage.
Planning Application
Kiln Home Farm Dunton Road Stewkley Buckinghamshire LU7 0LU
19/01179/APP. Expiry 11 May 2019
Stewkley Parish Council resolved to support this application. Action: Clerk to contact Cllr Blake re comments. Also, Clerk to query impact on Right of Way.
d) Erection a Front Boundary Wall and Access Gate (Retrospective)
14 Bletchley Road Stewkley Buckinghamshire Sat LU7 0ER
19/01487/APP. Expiry Thu 16 May 2019
Stewkley Parish Council resolved to give no comment on this application.
e) The planning application seeks outline consent for the erection of a detached dwelling on previously developed land. Land Adjacent Dunton Road Stewkley Buckinghamshire 19/01479/AO. Expiry Wed 15 May 2019
Stewkley Parish Council resolved to object to this application. The proposal falls outside the main village boundary. It does not form part of the Neighbourhood Plan (this site, for development was previously rejected), it is not ‘infill’ and would form a ‘dangerous’ precedent.

6) To discuss correspondence and communication received since last meeting and decide on any action.
a) Dunton Rd Traffic report: Cllr Higgins gave update on recent traffic survey. Survey will provide a baseline for future reference when fully interpreted.
b) RBF/community liaison. No progress but efforts will continue and Dunton Parish Meeting to be associated.
c) GDPR – Action: Cllr Morgan to update Standing Orders for adoption at next meeting.
d) Final Preparation for the APM were discussed.
e) Maintenance Person–Cllr Bottomley updated the Council on applicants. An offer will be made to one of the applicants.
f) BKV – Thanks to Cllr Bottomley for painting phone box by St Michael’s church Cllrs to ensure notice boards are tidy and up to date. Action: Clerk to liaise with road sweeper.
g) Scout Hut drainage pipe. Pipe has been removed, ground reinstated and the landowner informed. Action: Cllr Higgins to contact solicitor re costs.
h) SID MVAS. Contract to be restarted after a hiatus. Further quotes sought for new Speed indicators devices Action Clerk to renew contract with Swarco and pay new account invoice.
i) Cricketers Close. Numerous complaints re traffic problems. Action: Cllr Higgins to contact Abbey Mill Homes re white lines.
j) Community bus. No report.

7) Neighbourhood Plan: No report as plan has been submitted to AVDC for initial review and comments.

8) Recreation Ground:
Grant for vandal proof toilet renewal to be sought. £21 for petrol for mower.

9) Highways, Footways and Footpaths Lighting:
Ivy on lamp post has been cut (at a cost of £40) and left to die.
No progress on lighting maintenance or replacement.
No progress on missing or damaged road signs all reported to ‘Fix My Street’.

10) Stewkley Wildlife Reserve: To discuss and authorise expenditure incurred or actions required;
Action: Clerk – Report to be sent to Grapevine.

11) Burial Ground: To discuss and authorise expenditure incurred or actions required.
£11 for rose spray and fertilizer.

12) Finance
a) Budget Monitoring. The most recent Budget Monitoring Sheet was noted.
b) Stewkley Parish Council resolved to approve the Annual return following the completion of the End of Year Accounts 2018-19.
I. The Annual Internal Audit Report was noted and approved
II. Section 1 – The Annual Governance Statement 2018/19 was approved, dated and signed by the Chair.
III. Section 2 of the Accounting Statements 2018/19 were approved, dated and signed by the Clerk (RFO) and the Chair.
Cllr Wodey commented on timings for publication of Electors’ rights to view accounts.

13) To draw cheques and ratify BACS payments:


14) General Items: To report on meetings attended on behalf of the Parish Council and agree whether to add items to the next agenda;
A flashing light on Wing Rd was reported. Action: Clerk to contact CU Phosco.
LAF meeting 10 June to note.
Developing Vision for Bucks Cllrs Morgan, Delafield and Wodey to attend. Thurs 13 June.
Council to form lighting working group to plan for next stages of street light development.
Agreement to associate Dunton Parish Meeting Committee with liaison group for Red Brick Farm Action: Clerk to inform Nick Primmer

Meeting closed 10.30

15) Date of next meetings: APM 13 May 19, PCM Monday 3 June 2019