May 2019 Minutes of Stewkley Parish Council AGM

The Minutes of the Parish Council AGM Tuesday 7 May 2019 commencing at 7pm,

Attendees: (Chair) Cllr Higgins, Cllr Bottomley, Cllr Smith, Cllr Wodey, Cllr Burgess, Cllr Delafield, Cllr Pragnell. Clerk: Rob Mann. 4 members of the public

1. Election of the Chairman of the Council
Cllr Higgins was duly elected as Chairman. The Chairman’s declaration of acceptance of office was received, signed and dated.

2. Receive Apologies:
Cllr Pryke, Cllr Blake apologised for absence.

3. To elect a Vice-Chairman of the Council
Cllr Morgan was duly elected as Vice Chairman. The Vice Chairman’s declaration of acceptance of office was received, signed and dated.

4. To review and confirm the Standing Orders.
The Standing orders were confirmed pending approval of updates to the GDPR section to bring into line with changes in legislation.

5. To review and confirm the Complaints Procedure.
The complaints procedure was confirmed

6. To review and confirm the Councillor and Officer Protocols
Councillor and Officer Protocols were confirmed

7. To appoint representatives to outside bodies:
a) NBPPC Cllr Morgan, Pryke (and Smith as a standby)
b) AVTUG Cllr Wodey
c) LAF Cllr Higgins, Delafield and other Cllrs by availability.
d) Rec committee Cllrs Morgan, Higgins, Wodey
e) Local councils’ parish liaison group by availability
f) Village Hall Committee Cllr Burgess
g) Grapevine minutes sent directly by clerk
h) School rep Cllrs Higgins and Delafield

8. To appoint committees/ working groups:
a) Traffic sub-committee Cllrs Higgins, Delafield and Bottomley.
b) Burial Ground Expansion Sub-Committee Cllrs Pragnell and Burgess
Working Groups
c) Wildlife Committee Cllr Wodey
d) Spinney Cllrs Higgins, Morgan and Pragnell
e) Neighbourhood planning Cllrs Morgan, Wodey, Smith, Burgess, Pryke and ex officio Cllr Higgins
f) SEA Cllr Bottomley
g) Website Cllr Bottomley

9. The date of the next Parish Council AGM was agreed to be 11 May 2020