May 2019 Minutes of Stewkley Annual Parish Meeting

Minutes of Stewkley Annual Parish Meeting
Monday 13 May, 7.00 pm

This year Councillors offered refreshments from 7pm while Stewkley parishioners were able to see and hear the new Audio History Tour.
In addition, information stalls were set up by Stewkley Singers and The Community Transport Group.
The formal Annual Parish Meeting hosted by the Chairman of Stewkley Parish Council commenced at 8.00pm.

1. Receive Apologies. Apologies were received from Cllr Blake.

2. Minutes – The minutes of the last meeting on 21 May 2018 had previously been signed off 2/7/18.

3. To receive reports followed by questions after each speaker:
a. Chairman’s report was read out by Councillor Higgins.
b. Aylesbury Vale District Council, and Buckinghamshire County Council reports by Janet Blake were read out by Cllr Higgins
c. Stewkley Poor Lands Charity – No report.
d. Reports from other village organisations and groups
The following written reports from Stewkley organisation were made available to electors prior to the formal meeting.
Stewkley Scouts;
Stewkley Recreation Ground Association;
Stewkley Players;
Stewkley Women’s Institute;
Stewkley Singers;
Wildlife Reserve;
All reports will be placed on the Stewkley Parish Council website.
Some oral reports followed:
Steven Wass gave an account of the tribulations and successes in gaining funding leading to the building of the new Scout Hut. The hut will be available for occupation later in the Summer with an official opening probably in the Autumn.
Neil Shefferd spoke, on behalf of Stewkley Walkers and Stewkley Tennis Club, with exhortations for new members.
Gill Morgan gave a report on the Stewkley Players.
David Lett spoke of the continuing success of the SEA whilst also voicing concerns about resilience anxiety in young people.
Mr Sims gave a report on Stewkley Singers and their various trips and concerts.
Sally Shefferd gave a brief report on The Brownies. She pointed out that although the Brownies had lost Brown Owl in Cheryl Knight another volunteer might take on the role.
Janette Eustace spoke on behalf of the Stewkley Recreation Ground Association. She pointed out that a £5 annual membership fee gave several benefits. Also that membership was available for all and not just people associated with sport.
Janette also outlined plans for fund raising from a variety of sources for refurbished ‘vandal proof’ public toilets and play equipment designed to interest children of older age groups of 8+ and 11+ years.
When JE asked if the people at the meeting felt the planned spending was a good idea, they responded with an overwhelmingly positive vote.
Residents raised concerns about vandalism at The Rec and a discussion about CCTV took place.
A resident challenged everyone present to bring an extra person to swell the numbers attending next year’s Annual Parish Meeting.

4. Date of the next meeting 18 May 2020 at 8pm