May 2018 Parish Council Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of Stewkley Parish Council held in the Village Hall, Stewkley on Tuesday 8 May 2018 at 8pm

Attendees: Cllr K Higgins (Chair), Cllr G Morgan (Vice-Chair), Cllr B Bottomley, Cllr M Burgess, Cllr C Pragnell, Cllr P Smith, Cllr J Wodey, Mrs Shefferd (Acting as Clerk) and 3 members of the public.

1. Receive Apologies: Cllr A Pryke and Cllr Janet Blake.

2. Open Forum:

It was confirmed that a report had been received about the BKV competition and permission to fix hanging baskets to the Council’s bus shelters was given.
The state of the main road with slurry and mud etc on was raised.

Mr Charles Hurst from East West Rail attended. He was asked about traffic through the village and stated that HGVs from the dual carriage way would travel along Bletchley Road and turn right to Mursley at the junction with High Street North. There would be a dozen or so passing places from the dual carriage way to Stewkley, at every 300metres or so (within line of sight) to allow ease of passing and these would not be actively used for parking. The aim was to use the verges where possible and not touch the fences/hedges or spread into adjacent fields allowing for full reinstatement afterwards. Staff traffic would probably pass through Stewkley as cars could only be given advice on routes to use.
A submission would be made to the Department of Trade at the end of July, after receipt of an environmental statement, and prior to this, possibly the end of June, Parish Councils would be sent a memory stick with all the plans.
Cllr Higgins repeated Council concerns about extra traffic on top of that from new developments and the danger of the Bletchley Road/ High Street North junction. Mr Hurst suggested that the Council brought ideas for mitigation measures, such as a voluntary speed limit, to the attention of BCC. He said they were aware that HGVs did exceed speed limits at times and that the peak period for most HGVs would probably be 12/16 weeks long.
Mr Hurst said that he was happy to have regular monthly/bimonthly meetings with a group of Parish Councils to allow discussion on progress, talk about complaints etc.

3. Declaration of interest in items on the agenda: Cllr. Burgess – Item 6i

4. To confirm the minutes of the previous PC Meeting on Monday 3rd April 2018 and deal with any matters arising not covered on the agenda. Cllr Morgan noted she thought that item 6f. Soulbury Road Buffer Zone, should read “the Council would discuss at the next PC meeting how to proceed at the Annual Parish Meeting rather than at a workshop”. This was noted then the minutes were agreed and signed.

5. Planning: To discuss planning applications and make recommendations.

a) CM/0005/18 & 18/00275/ACC – Red Brick Farm – Stewkley Parish Council’s response for the LBO had been published in full and also posted on BCC website. It was understood from the enforcement officer that the applicant still had to provide further information by the deadline of 16th May and also that if permission was given there would be specific conditions with a 30 in and 30 out daily movement limit plus weight limit of 32 gross tons.
b) 18/01151/APP – Construction of sand and fibre equestrian area, and access track – Lower Dean Farm, Dean Road – The Council resolved to SUPPORT the application.
c) 18/00993/APP – Single storey rear extension to replace existing timber framed building – 4 High Street North – The Council resolved to SUPPORT the application.
d) 18/00694/APP – Restorative store room at the rear of the retail shop – 44 High Street North. The results of an environmental survey were being awaited.
e) 18/00981/APP – Replacement conservatory – Lidcote House, Littlecote – The Council resolved to SUPPORT the application.
f) 18/01278/APP – Single storey front extension – 8 Manor Drive – The Council resolved to SUPPORT the application.

6. To discuss correspondence and communication received since last meeting and decide on any actions:

a. East West Rail. Following attendance by Mr Hurst at the Open Forum it was agreed that regular meetings with East West Rail and other PCs seemed a good idea.
b. Unitary Authority Meetings. It was agreed that all Cllrs should reply to AVDC ‘Wishes and Concerns’ consultation (using Cllr Smith’s notes) and the Council write to the Secretary of State supporting the two-unitary option (using NBPCC letter as template). In addition, AVDC are polling all councillors individually about their preference between the single and two unitary models.
c. Data Protection and FOI. Follow up actions from a workshop were agreed and will be reviewed at the next meeting.
d. Mobile Library. The Council was advised that a parishioner had been told that all mobile libraries in the county would cease operation at the end of May 2018. No communication to this effect had been received by the Council so clarification from BCC was to be obtained.
e. Parish Clerk appointment. Done in closed session at end of meeting.
f. End of Year Accounts. Janette Eustace, acting as internal auditor, had spotted an error with slight over claiming of VAT items. The Clerk had been advised how to sort out repayment. It was proposed and agreed Janette should be given some recognition for her work.
g. Scout Hut Lease. Three Councillors had reviewed the draft lease and there appeared to be a misunderstanding about it covering the land/building. A meeting was to be set up about simplification of the lease. Further feedback was awaited from the Clerk on possible costs.
h. Dean Road. Cllr Higgins to attend if the application goes to Committee.
i. Soulbury Road – “Buffer Zone”. Following discussion on how to use the APM to widen the consultation it was agreed to prepare maps of the ideas from two sets of villagers. Denison Investments had suggested living examples. and it was noted that, whilst there was good on-going dialogue with DI, any proposals would have to be acceptable to future developers and AVDC planners. It was noted that the Council would, at a later stage, request that road names on the site to be called after the main people involved in the Airport Campaign.
j. APM arrangements. Cllrs Bottomley and Burgess to provide light refreshments from 7pm. Last year most reports from organisations had been printed up and subsequently went in the Grapevine. It was felt the meeting was more interactive if reports were read out, but this needed to be checked with organisations etc.
k. VALP. Still under examination.
l. Grit bins. Cllr Higgins agreed to look at the position and state of current bins and report back.
m. NBPPC. Presentation on the East-West Expressway did not take place as Llew Monger was unable to make the meeting. There was no consensus amongst NBPPC members about a preferred route, NBPPC resolved to write to the secretary of State in support of the 2-unitary authority solution. NBPPC also resolved to write to Neil Blake at AVDC in regard to S106 funds not being made available to the villages / towns impacted by the developments generating the S106 monies. AGM and next meeting in June.
n. Bollards along runway. Feedback from the Clerk was awaited on the position.
o. WWI Exhibition. No detailed written proposal had yet been received. Payment for hire of hall had previously been agreed.

7. Broadband: Gigaclear had virtually finished in High Street North, other than there being a few way-leaves to sort out. The splicing team were in action this week and work was starting in Drayton Parslow with a return to Stewkley planned in June.

8. Neighbourhood Plan: Cllr Morgan reported that policies were currently being worked on.

9. Recreation Ground: The adult gym was due to be installed 24th-26th May. Cllr Bottomley was liaising with Neil Shefferd about publicity.

10. Highways, Footways and Footpaths Lighting: To note highways issues and agree any actions arising
a. Status of repairs to roads – The jet patcher had visited Dean Road. The mess on the main road had been reported to both the police and Transport for Bucks. The former had spoken to the farmer concerned. A sweeper had been organised to visit prior to BKV judging. Bletchley Road – patching was being carried out prior to a resurfacing in the summer. High Street South and Mursley Road – no news about future work.
b. Traffic Calming – No further action to report.

11. Stewkley Wildlife Reserve: To discuss and authorise expenditure incurred, or actions required; Receipts were approved for £28.20 for petrol and £4.96 for grass and lawn seed.

12. Finance:

a. To review the budget monitoring reports for April. Noted.
b. To draw cheques and make BACS payments
Play Around The Parishes £430
Web Development £75
Dog Waste Services £1035
Cricket Pitch £11091.60
c. To approve the Annual Governance Statement for 2017/8. These were read out, agreed and duly signed by the Chair.

Councillor’s General Items: Cllr Bottomley advised that the service charge for web site was due for renewal, the price having increased after the initial 60% discount. There was an option to downgrade the package and so reduce the cost. It was agreed to downgrade the package and formally approve payment at June meeting.
Cllr Morgan – Minutes from Parish Liaison meeting 2 May 2018 made reference to BMKALC looking to provide GDPR support for councils up to £100K precept. SPC could look to benefit from this. If SPC wishes to explore options for cheaper negotiated rates for electricity, the Parish Liaison notes gave a contact email address

Date of next meetings: The Annual Parish Meeting will be 21 May at 7.30pm. The next Parish Council meeting will be on 4 June at 8pm.

The meeting closed at 22.30pm