May 2016 – Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of Stewkley Parish Council held in the Village Hall
On Tuesday 3 May 2016 at 7.30pm

Attendees: Cllr J Wodey (Chair), Cllr B Bottomley, Cllr M Burgess, Cllr K Higgins, Cllr A Kennedy, Cllr G Morgan Cllr C Pragnell, Cllr Pryke, Cllr P Smith, Cllr Janet Blake, Janette Eustace (clerk)

1. Receive Apologies: PCSO Paula Boston

2. Open Forum: (Adjournment).

3. Declaration of interest in items on the agenda: Cllr Wodey declared an interest in agenda Item 5c, 2B Ivy Lane.

4. To confirm the minutes of the previous PC Meeting on 4 April 2016 and deal with any matters arising that
are not covered on the agenda. The minutes were agreed.

5. Planning: To discuss planning applications and make recommendations:
a. 16/01453/APP– Land Rear Of 74 And 90 HSS – Erection of two detached dwellings with parking. Cllrs noted that the plans were similar to those presented in May and October 2015. The Council objected to the earlier application, 15/00792/APP – demolition of existing outbuilding and erection of new two-storey dwelling. It subsequently objected to application 15/03554/APP for the erection of two detached dwellings to the rear of 74 & 90 High Street South with parking. The council cannot see that any of the concerns raised have been considered in this new application for two detached dwellings Stewkley Parish Council resolved to OPPOSE the planning application on the following grounds: Over-development to the detriment of residential amenity of neighbouring properties, including overshadowing and loss of outlook. Over-intensive development of the plot is likely to detract from the visual appearance of the conservation area. The Council was also concerned about the increased traffic using the small shared drive, insufficient parking space and difficulty of access. Also there is no access for refuse collection. The Council was not opposed to development on this area of the site but felt that the proposed dwellings were out of character with other properties and with the conservation area.

b. 16/01408/APP – Land at Dunton Road – Erection of lambing shed, new access and dropped kerb – the Council RESOLVED TO SUPPORT the application.

c. 16/01463/APP – 2B Ivy Lane – Single storey rear extension and loft conversion – Cllr. Smith took the Chair for this item. The Council RESOLVED TO SUPPORT the application.

d. 16/01493/APP – Vicarage, HSN – Renewal of temporary consent for siting of prefab building – the Council RESOLVED TO SUPPORT the application.

e. 16/01355/APP – 8 HSN – Demolition of existing garages, loft conversion. Cllr Pryke to carry out further investigation regarding the size and massing of the proposed development, turning space for car parking and issues of privacy relating to No. 10 HSN. Considerations will be circulated to all Cllrs for a decision to be taken before the expiry date of 25 May. ACTION: AP

f. 16/00028/REF Appeal: PI. Ref: APP/J0405/W/16/3146817: Land at Valley Farm, Soulbury – Outline planning 300 dwellings. The council had registered no objections to the development and will therefore not need to send written representation to the appeals panel.

6. To discuss correspondence and communication received since last meeting and decide on any actions:
a. Police Open Day – Sat 6 August – noted

b. North Bucks Parishes Planning Consortium – feedback from meeting on 6 April. It was reported that a made Neighbourhood Plan would help to protect against unwanted developments but sustainability of continued be an issue as there will be no agreed definition until AVDC develops its own scoring system.

c. Cycle Race – the major cycling event during April was a success and, as it was a not-for-profit occasion a surplus of £120 will be split between the three villages on the route. The £40 contribution for Stewkley will go to the Recreation Ground.

d. Vegetation Management under Overhead Lines. The National Grid requested permission to carry out vegetation management in proximity to the overhead line network and associated infrastructure near Wing Rd, Grid reference: SP 85387 24869. The contract was advised that this area was privately owned and not the responsibility of the Parish Council.

e. Rural Housing Scheme – It was reported that the Parish Council had been asked to provide details of local people who had registered their interest in rural affordable housing at Griffin Field. Two properties had been available for new ownership/rental. The Senior Housing Options Officer at AVDC had sent details of how the decision had been reached regarding new tenants/owners. The PC agreed to write to people on the waiting list to explain how the selection had been carried out.                                                                                                ACTION: JE

f. Neighbourhood Planning Grant application – a £3,000 grant towards the costs of the NP had been applied for to fund an improved website, printing costs and room hire. £2,160 had been granted – the reduction was due to the website which would be for all council business and not limited to the NP.

g. Letter from K Carter relating to planning application 16/01117/APP – 28 High Street North. Mr and Mrs Carter had attended the Open Forum to explain the pre-application process and the changes that had been made to the proposed development in response to consultation with AVDC Conservation Officer to consider, review and discuss the heritage issues and assess the viability of the scheme. This information had not been available when the original decision to oppose the application had been taken. Cllrs reconsidered the planning application voted to support the application with seven in favour and two abstentions. The Clerk was asked to write to Mr James Davis, the planning officer with this update.                                                                                                                                                                                                              ACTION: JE

h. Stewkley’s Big Barby – request for funding from the Rec Association. Brian Chambers had spoken at the Open Forum to give details of the costs of putting on the annual event which are in excess of £1,000. The Council agreed to support the event with a £500 donation.

7. Annual Parish Meeting in conjunction with NP Open Meeting – the running times for the event were agreed. The APM will commence at 8.30 pm after the NP presentation and questions. Cllrs Bottomley and Burgess agreed to arrange light refreshments at 8pm.

8. Neighbourhood Plan: To receive an update from the Steering group and agree any actions arising. Neil Dickens have a brief report regarding progress including the setting up of all working groups and preparations for the 16th May. He advised the council that he would be visiting all local parish councils to update them and seek their input and comments.

9. Best Kept Village: To consider any remaining actions. John Flewin gave a brief report regarding the progress against agreed improvements, including litter picking and updated notice boards. He reported that the WI will be planting flowers at the village pump and arranging hangings baskets for the two pubs. Bus shelters are due to be repainted and Stewkley Enterprise will schedule their regular grass cutting to take place before judging commences. A £600 budget was agreed to improve the village notice boards.

10. Recreation Ground: To note progress made towards the pavilion refurbishment and agree any actions arising. It was reported that a grant of £22,000 had been secured from AVDC community chest. The Recreation Association will appoint an architect to develop building construction drawings.

11. Highways, Footways and Footpaths Lighting – to note highways issues and agree any actions arising
a. Path from Griffin Field to HSS – the floor lights have now been replaced with post lights. The Council confirmed that, subject to BCC approval of the works, it would now accept responsibility for the streetlights in Griffin Field.
b. Village walk around postponement – the BCC local area technicians had written to postpone the walk around until there was clarity about future structures and responsibilities.

12. Website: To discuss future plans. The PC agreed to develop a new website funded partly from the Neighbourhood Plan grant and partly from its own reserves and appointed EHA Web Design. Cllr Bottomley to work with the Clerk on the development of content and design.

13. Spinney: To review the open day on 17 April and agree any actions arising. The event was a great success and Cllr Higgins thanked all those involved. He reported that Dobbies had agreed to sponsor some equipment for the Explorers and reported £21 of expenditure regarding the eco toilet.

14. Stewkley Wildlife Reserve: To discuss and authorise expenditure incurred or actions required. £20.38 had been spent on fuel.

15. Finance
a. To review the budget monitoring report – this was agreed. It was reported that the 2015-6 Year End had been completed and papers will be circulated for approval at the June meeting. A community grant of £3,000 was confirmed – a notice to be put into the Grapevine to invite local groups to apply.

b. To draw cheques – to be confirmed at the meeting

Community fund Scouts £500
Dog waste bags £62.76
Grass Cutting £236.34
Bench repair £80.00
Spinney Event £52.24
AVALC contribution £25.00
Clerk £509.71
Stationery £62.29
Fuel for mower £20.38
Room Hire £20.00
GV article £25.00
Cricket Nets £17,913.60

16. Councillor’s General Items: to report on meetings attended on behalf of the Parish Council and agree whether to add to the next agenda. It was noted that more lorries had been coming through the village from the chicken farm – the transport and infrastructure group to be asked to investigate. Cars had been noticed at the rear of the pavilion – the Clerk to notify PCSO Paula Boston and the Rec Association. It was reported that progress had been made with recent burglaries and vehicle damage and that local police were working with Beds and Herts. A scam regarding power washing of roofs was also reported.

Dates of future meetings: Mon 16 May APM, Monday 6 June

Annual Parish Meeting in conjunction with a Neighbourhood Planning Open Meeting – Monday 16 May 2016 – 7pm

The meeting closed at 9.50pm