July 2019 Parish Council Minutes

Minutes Stewkley Parish Council Meeting, 7.30pm, 1 July 2019

Attendees: (Chair) Cllr Higgins Cllr Smith, Cllr Wodey, Cllr Burgess, Cllr Pragnell, Cllr Morgan, Clerk: Rob Mann. Cllr Blake and 1 member of the public

1 Apologies
Apologies for absence: Cllr Bottomley, Cllr Delafield, Cllr Pryke.

2 Open Forum:
A member of the public noted that the planning application for 37 High Street North had been withdrawn.
Cllr Blake commented on the liaison meeting with Red Brick Farm noting that the manager had agreed to talk to operatives to stress the importance of following the operating conditions however the importance of monitoring and ensuring conditions are followed is the key next step. Cllr Blake urged villagers to be observant and check conditions are being applied.

3 Declaration of interest in items on the agenda:
None declared.

4 To confirm the minutes:
The minutes of the previous PC Meeting on Monday 3rd June were confirmed as a true and accurate record.

5 Planning: To discuss planning applications and make recommendation.
a) First floor front extension 2 St Michaels Close Stewkley Buckinghamshire LU7 0HN
Ref. No: 19/02118/APP
Stewkley Parish Council resolved to support this application.
b) Internal & external alterations including remedial structural works, demolition of internal walls, creation of new openings, demolition of outbuildings and enlargement of driveway.
8 Dean Road Stewkley Buckinghamshire LU7 0ET
Stewkley Parish Council resolved to support this application.
c) Single-storey front extension and internal alterations
7 Manor Drive Stewkley Buckinghamshire LU7 0JE
Stewkley Parish Council resolved to support this application.
d) Single storey side link extension and part conversion of outbuilding into habitable space, including the installation of 4 No. roof lights
Southend Barn 33 Dunton Road Stewkley Buckinghamshire LU7 0HY
Stewkley Parish Council resolved to give no comment on this application.
e) 160 High Street North to be discussed at committee 4 July 2019.
Cllr Blake to represent SPC at committee.
SPC position: to object on the grounds that the planned building appears to contravene AVDC policies GP8 and GP9

6 Finance
a) Budget Monitoring. Clerk.
The budget monitoring was noted.
b) Community fund:
Cricket Scoreboard Quotation- (£300 contribution from PC) was noted.


7 Cheques were drawn and BACS payments ratified:

SPC payments June 2019
8 To discuss matters arising and correspondence received since last meeting
a) RBF/community liaison
Feedback on the first meeting of the Red Brick Farm Liaison Group was that a useful meeting was held in which the manager agreed to address the issues that were raised. Future meetings would be held as needed.
Recent comments from the public regarding procedures not being followed have been passed to Mitchell Pugh (BCC enforcement Officer). Discussions continue regarding reported breaches.
b) Councillor co-option protocol was noted and approved.
c) Traffic Speed High Street North and South- emails from residents were noted and discussed further in item 11.
d) Parking issues raised in emails to the PC were noted and discussed further in item 11.
e) Stewkley Parish Council Facebook page – A Stewkley Parish Council Facebook page has been started giving the PC further opportunities to draw public attention to events, issues and SPC decisions. It may, for example, become a vehicle for promoting Parish Council Meetings. The page will not have a public comments section. Any comments to reflect full PC decisions and thinking. Planning Applications to be added after the Agenda is published each month. The page is linked to Stewkley and Surrounding Villages Facebook page.
f) AVDC planning Forum 30 July will be attended by Cllrs Morgan and Higgins

9 Neighbourhood Plan: To receive an update from the steering group and agree any actions arising;
a) Minor changes made to staffing rota for consultation meetings during July.

10 Recreation Ground: To note any outstanding requirements and agree any actions;
ROSPA report including the adult exercise equipment report passed to SRG Committee.

11 Highways, Footways and Footpaths Lighting: Update and agree any actions arising;
a) Lighting Controls Cricketers Close. Action: Clerk to check records for other side streets and pass information to Abbey Mill Homes.
b) First quote for bollard replacements was noted. Action: Cllr Wodey to consult for alternative approaches. Action: Clerk to seek other quotes and to determine the match and robustness of the new lights in comparison with the vandalised lights.
c) Traffic Sub Committee to be relaunched. Action: Cllr Higgins Speed indicator to be ordered; younger volunteers to be sought; opinions on traffic calming approaches to be discussed e.g. 20 mph and children’s warning signs. Future actions to be decided.
Correspondence (8c and 8d above) was considered. Cllr Higgins responded on behalf of the PC.
d) Letter from Stewkley Walkers was noted, verbal response given to explain that the footpath through Cricketers Close would remain closed until the developers feel it safe to reopen.

12 Stewkley Wildlife Reserve: To discuss and authorise expenditure incurred or actions required;
Evening nature walks are available on request.

13 Burial Ground: To discuss and authorise expenditure incurred or actions required
Burial request noted.
Brief discussion on burial criteria took place. Decision-making delegated to the clerk with understanding that council will be asked when circumstances make the decision unclear.
Clerk gave brief report on burials and memorial requests in past month.

14 General Items: To report on meetings attended on behalf of the Parish Council and agree whether to add items to the next agenda.
A recent report of unleashed dogs in the village was drawn to the PCs attention because of injuries to other dogs. After discussion it was concluded that it was probably one or two irresponsible dog owners and was a matter for the police. Witnesses are urged to call 101 to report.

15 Date of next meeting. Monday, 5th August 2019.
Meeting Closed 9.47pm