July 2018 Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Stewkley Parish Council held in the Village Hall on Monday 2 July 2018

Attendees: Cllr K.Higgins (Chair), Cllr G Morgan, Cllr J Wodey, Cllr B Bottomley, Cllr C Pragnell, Cllr M Burgess, Cllr A Pryke, Cllr P Smith, Robert Mann ( Clerk).
David Jones (Head of Community Focus), Laura Davies (Library, Area Manager), Hazel Edwards (Library Support) Philip Delafield.
4 members of the public.

1. Apologies: apologies for absence received from Neil Dickens and Janet Blake.

2. Co-option of Councillor
P Delafield was duly co-opted as a Councillor.

3. Open Forum: David Jones BCC ( Head of Community Focus, Culture and Learning ) gave a resume of the history of the Mobile Library Service and described some of new community supported options. Details to be sent for possible publication in the GV and eventual follow-up with residents & the PC.
A member of the public made detailed contributions regarding changes to 17/04373/ADP at 66 High Street North.
Concerns were expressed regarding the parking spaces, removal of trees, and lack of visibility on the plan of a water pumping station.

3. Declaration of interest in items on the agenda: none declared.

4. To confirm the minutes: The minutes of the previous PC Meeting on Monday 4 June 2018 and The Annual Parish Meeting on 21 May 2018 were confirmed.

5. Planning: To discuss planning applications and make recommendations.

a) 17/04373/ADP | Application for reserved matters pursuant to outline permission 15/00932/AOP relating to Landscape, Layout and Appearance for the erection of 14 dwelling | 66 High Street North Stewkley Buckinghamshire LU7 0EW
Action: Clerk to confirm with ADVC as to which PC comments are required. Cllr Pryke to draft objection wording re concerns about the proposed works signage with a recommendation that it should be placed both temporarily for construction traffic and then permanently warning of the danger ahead with a recommendation to place the signs further away from the locations shown on the map. Need for road survey. Double yellow lines or, at a minimum, single white line should be provided to prevent parking within the visual splays.
Concerns made during open forum will also be raised. Re the proposed works: once works starts, there should be agreed start and finish times, restricted access times for HGVs and wheels must be cleaned before leaving the site.

b) 18/02048/APP | Erection of front porch, single storey rear extension & garage conversion | 18 Wing Road Stewkley Buckinghamshire LU7 0JA
The council resolved to support this application.
The council resolved to support this application.
d) 125 High Street North Stewkley Buckinghamshire LU7 0EX
Ref. No: 18/02177/APP | Received: Wed 20 Jun 2018 | Validated: Wed 20 June 2018 | Status: Pending Consideration
The council resolved to support this application

Further discussion took place regarding Hayward House 18/02083/ACL. The council decided to contact the applicant as the drawings did not match the application and also to contact the ADVC planner to ask if we are to comment on the application.

7. To discuss correspondence and communication received since last meeting and decide on any action.

a. CM/0005/18 & 18/00275/ACC – Red Brick Farm
This application has been passed by BCC development control with 14 conditions attached including: a limit on the tonnage of material transported; stored and on the number and size of trucks. All conditions will be difficult to enforce.
Action: To protest about the process and decision. Letter to James Brokenshire and John Bercow. A sub-committee was established with Cllr Delafield. Cllr Pryke and Cllr Pragnell to lead the effort on rebutting this planning approval. Residents of Dunton Rd. and others will be invited to join the effort.

b. Data Protection and FOI – an updated GDPR action plan was provided and new actions agreed..
c. Stewkley Parish Council Post Box – There is a new post box for all parish council correspondence, located to the right of the school reception door. The address: Stewkley Parish Council, c/o St. Michael’s C of E Combined School, Chapel Square, Stewkley, Leighton Buzzard, Buckinghamshire. LU7 0HA. A temporary sign to be placed on the box while we await the permanent site. Action: Chairman will contact the police regarding the recent upsurge in crime in the area.
d. Scout Hut Lease – The draft lease is deemed workable by the Scout’s solicitor but clarification is needed as to who will sign it on behalf of the Scouts.The Scout water drainage needs easement across the Rec. to Mrs Swan’s land and to a ditch. The Parish Council needs to be party to the Deed of Easement. This will then be included in the lease. The ditch is in Garners Lane and land owner is happy with the easement.
The council unanimously voted to: include the easement in the lease and for the Scouts solicitor to draft the Deed of Easement..
Cllr Morgan will circulate the signed agreement between the Stewkley Recreation Ground Association and the Scouts.
e. Scout Hut public information meeting 4/5 July. Scouts invited Parish Councillors to attend Cllr Wodey will be present on the 4th and Cllr Smith on 5th.
f. WW1 Exhibition – Remembrance Day silhouettes. After due consideration of a variety of silhouettes, of different sizes and expense, the Chairman has ordered six seated figure perspex shapes, using a grant which will complement this year’s commemoration and exhibition, before being offered to the church and chapel for future use.
g. Devolved Services Contract – this contract was expected to end this year however Bucks County Council have offered to extend it for four years.
Action: Cllr Bottomley to discuss with David Lett of SEA.
Further discussion to determine – if additional payments will be made for new developments such as Griffin Field and 66 High Street North.
h. Gym Equipment Sign – approval for a new safety sign The quote for the sign was £199 + VAT
i. Griffin Field Adoption – Cllrs Higgins and Morgan met with representatives from BCC and Hightown Praetorian: concerning the lights in Griffin Field. Confirmed that the development will be adopted shortly triggering the release of money to pay CU Phosco. Also advised that the adoption process may soon include Courtneidge Close and this raised the question of PC responsibility for other side streets.
Actions: Cllr Bottomley to ask SEA about maintaining the verges. Cllr Higgins to clarify with the landowner responsibility for the verges, hedges & grassed area near Runway.
Cllr Higgins to contact Steve Essen BCC to discover what else is in the process of being adopted.
j. Local Area Forum 9 July – Actions: tables to be borrowed from the school on Monday after lunch and returned on Tuesday before lunch. Cllrs Higgins and Morgan to arrange.
k. Grit bin – actions: Cllr Bottomley to discuss with David Lett whether the SEA (for a fee) would take a role in moving the grit (and also to consider the disposal of the empty grit bin) outside Sycamore close – if the residents in that area agree with the removal.
l. Community transport project. Action: £85,000 is available for a transport project. Ideas and volunteers to be invited through the Grapevine. A sub-committee including Cllr Wodey will be established with Neil Dickens in support, as well as interested villagers. SPC to submit a list of infrastructure needs to BCC for other S106 considerations. All Councillors to submit ideas to the Chairman.
m. Action: Cllr Higgins to collate ideas from all Councillors and submit S106 requests to BCC.
n. Neighbourhood Plan: Progress with the redrafting of the Neighbourhood Plan continues. New replacement sections have been received and there is now only one outstanding. Selection of photographs etc. will take place on Monday 9th. It is hope to be in a position to complete the rewriting of draft 2 by the end of this month.

8.Recreation Ground: Vandalism of the toilets at the Rec.

9.Highways, Footways and Footpaths Lighting: Transport for Bucks are planning to clear Fishweir road drains. Cllr Higgins had requested advance notice to allow operation to be observed.

10.Stewkley Wildlife Reserve: Plant plugs purchased by Alan Dicken who asked for details of the Wildlife Reserve Fund.

11.Burial Ground: Repairs to car park potholes completed to Council’s satisfaction. Invoice to follow. Burial Ground Extension Sub Committee has not met.

Community fund 2018/19 Councillors agreed to set up a fund of £3000.To have a maximum grant of £500 applied on a “first come first served” basis. The fund to be disbursed using previously agreed criteria.
Action:To be advertised in August Grapevine.Cllr Morgan to submit piece.
TSB: still problems in updating cheque signatories and ensuring secure BACs payments.
Action: Chairman to contact TSB Business team.
To draw cheques and BACS payments – to be confirmed at the meeting.

13. Councillor’s General Items:
Cllr Pryke drew attention to a number of footpaths on the way to Littlecote as being overgrown. It is the responsibility of landowners to keep footpath clear so it is necessary to report blocked footpaths.
The delivery of the kissing gates at the Wildlife Reserve needs to be followed up. Robert Goss has agreed to fit.
Action: Clerk to follow up with Alistair Mc Vail.
Cllr Morgan requested SPC consider blocking entrance to The farmer’s field and the allotments from the wildlife reserve. Options to be considered.
Cllr Morgan discussed issue raised at last NBPPC as to whether we attend as delegates or representatives of SPC. NBPCC consider us as representatives and request any council that does not agree with that to leave the consortium. SPC agreed that we attend as representatives.
Cllr Higgins expressed his thanks to all who arranged and participated in the Open Gardens Weekend.

14.Date of next meeting

Monday 2nd August 2018