February 2017 – Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of Stewkley Parish Council held in the Village Hall

On Monday 6 February 2017 at 7.30pm

Attendees: Cllr J Wodey (Chair), Cllr M Burgess, Cllr K Higgins, Cllr A Pryke, Cllr C Pragnell, Cllr P Smith, Cllr B Bottomley, Cllr G Morgan, Cllr Janet Blake, Cllr A Kennedy, Natasha Pritchard (clerk) and 2 members of the public.

1. Receive Apologies: PCSO Paula Boston

Open Forum: A representative from the Recreation Committee came to discuss the plumbing works for the Pavilion and to provide information about the building progress. Cllr Janet Blake informed the Council about the rules of the Strategic Development Management Committee who decided upon the Soulbury Road decision and provided assurance that the amended recommendations S106 conditions will need to be satisfactorily met. Further that a pending House White Paper due on 7th February may have implications on the VALP. Additionally a Unitary update is expected at the Parish event on 23rd February and a decision on planning permission for the Scouts can be expected this week. Council Tax recommendations from the government were accepted by ADVC were accepted – a £5 a year band D increase. Cllr K Higgins expressed his concern about TfB’s inability to schedule a ‘village walk’ at this time. A resident updated the Council about this year’s Best Kept Village competition this year. Judges expected to visit during late May, or more likely during June, and judging will be for the DeFraine Cup for villages with a population of between 1,500 and 3,000.The one thing that spoiled the look of the village last year was the state of the road-side gutters, cluttered with dirt and loose chips they were the home to a million weeds which really came into their own in June and July so solutions are being considered to target this. Cllr K Higgins commented on assessing the year-long requirements for judging, to keep up the standard.

The Council were advised that Andy Chappell has stepped down from maintaining the war memorial.

2. Declaration of interest in items on the agenda: Cllr B Bottomley declared an interest in 12.c.a

3.To confirm the minutes of the previous PC Meeting on 9 January 17 and deal with any matters arising not covered on the agenda. The minutes were agreed.

4.Planning: To discuss planning applications and make recommendations:

a) 16/02551/AOP Councillors informed of the development being approved

b) 17/00199/APP Penfold End Farm Loft Conversion – The council resolved to OBJECT the application

c) 17/00260/ATC Stewkley Methodist Church Tree Cutting – Councillors informed

d) 17/00258/ATC 111A High Street South Tree Cutting – Councillors informed

e) 17/00174/ATC 4 High Street North Tree Cutting – Councillors informed

5. To discuss correspondence and communication received since last meeting and decide on any actions:

a) Play around the Parishes for 2017 – The date has been confirmed as Wednesday 9th

b) Stewkley development projects – Cllr G Morgan updated the Council that quotes are coming in.

c) NBPPC meeting 25/1/2017 – Cllr G Morgan updated the Council on the meeting attended with Cllr A Pryke

d) Great Brickhill, Wing and Ivinghoe Local Area Forum 2/2/2017 – Cllr K Higgins updated the Council on the meeting

e) CCTV – Progress update since last Parish Council meeting provided by Parish Clerk

f) AVDC neighbourhood planning – Councillors informed

g) Defibrillator training The Council discussed March dates for the training which are being finalised

6. Broadband: Cllr K Higgins gave a brief update of steady progress. The ‘go live’ date is still to be confirmed

7. Neighbourhood Plan: A meeting had been arranged for Wed 8th Feb for Cllrs to meet with Neil Dickens to discuss a number of issues and the future program

8. Recreation Ground: Works continue on the external building. Internal refurbishment is still on course for February.

9.Highways, Footways and Footpaths Lighting: To note highways issues and agree any actions arising

a) Cllr K Higgins has scheduled a meeting with TfB on April 12th to discuss traffic flow around the war memorial

b) An advertisement to be placed in The Grapevine looking for volunteers to man the speed camera

c) Moss issue in Farm Close was discussed by the Council and further detailed requested for discussion at the March meeting.

10. Finance:

a)To review the budget monitoring report. This was agreed.

b)To draw cheques –

Neighbourhood Plan Work             £2803.50

Dog Gloves                                         £62.76

Clerk’s salary                                    £532.53

Defibrillator Pad                              £39.60

Music License                                   £146.62

c) The Parish Council received one application from Stewkley Singers for the purchase of song sheet music folders. The application was not approved.

 11. Stewkley Wildlife Reserve: To discuss and authorise expenditure incurred or actions required. None required.

12. Councillor’s General Items: to report on meetings attended on behalf of the Parish Council and agree whether to add to the next agenda. Cllr A Pryke advised that the NBPPC group highlighted that AVDC/BCC are not adopting any “new developments”. Cllr K Higgins reminded us on the Soulbury Road decision – the developer suggested a management company to look after the development and the new residents would be expected to pay for this service. Cllr G Morgan has requested the Parish Clerk to provide guidelines on the disclosure of emails to the members of the public in relation to Parish matters. The Parish Clerk to update at the March meeting. Cllr A Kennedy shared with the Council that a ¼ page will be taken in The Grapevine to update on Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee policies. Cllr B Bottomley updated the Council on the Bletchley Road refuse bins and shared some photographs for some slow signs for consideration for use in the village.

 Date of next meeting: 6 March 2017 – 7.30pm

The meeting closed at 10.11pm