February 2016 – Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of Stewkley Parish Council held in the Village Hall
On Monday 1 February 2016 at 7.30pm

Attendees: Cllr J Wodey (Chair), Cllr B Bottomley, Cllr M Burgess, Cllr K Higgins, Cllr A Kennedy, Cllr G Morgan, Cllr C Pragnell, Cllr Pryke, Cllr P Smith, Janette Eustace (clerk)

1. Receive Apologies: Cllr Janet Blake, PCSO Paula Boston

2. Open Forum: (Adjournment).

Two representatives of Denison Investments Limited attended the Open Forum to give a brief presentation about the proposed housing development in Soulbury Road. He explained that an outline planning application with illustrative layouts only would be submitted in Spring/early Summer, following a public exhibition to be held at a village location at Easter. All Stewkley households would receive an invitation to attend the public exhibition, the purpose of which would be to explain the scheme and gain a better understanding of village needs and requirements.

Two representatives of Stewkley Recreation Association attended the Open Forum to give an outline of the proposed pavilion refurbishment. The main improvements would be an extension at the rear of the building for new changing facilities, improved internal layout to site toilets, store rooms and changing facilities at the rear of the building. A larger social area and kitchen would then face out onto the recreation ground and a new veranda will improve spectating and hire experience.

Three representatives of Stewkley Scouts attended the Open Forum to provide more information regarding the new scout hut to be sited a the Recreation Ground and to answer questions raised by the Parish Council at the January meeting. It was confirmed that the construction would be timber-framed and clad. Arrangements for waste and utilities were described along with access and parking considerations. Concerns were raised about access routes to the hut which may become very muddy.

A resident attended the Open Forum to enquire about plans for the removal of some of the Silver Birch trees in Fishweir. Also to explain that water was flowing down the road as the drains were not coping.

Representative from the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee attended to answer any questions about the Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire which is due to be delivered to all homes in Stewkley and Littlecote during February.

3. Declaration of interest in items on the agenda: There were none

4. To confirm the minutes of the previous PC Meeting on 4 January 2016 and deal with any matters arising that are not covered on the agenda. These were agreed

5. Planning: To discuss planning applications and make recommendations:
a. 16/00090/APP – 115 High Street South – Loft conversion. The council resolved to SUPPORT the application
b. 16/00201/APP – 6 & 7 Farm Close – New pitched roofs to existing garages. The council resolved to SUPPORT the application
c. 16/00245/APP – 22 Dean Road – Single storey rear extension and first floor extension. The council resolved to SUPPORT the application
d. Milton Keynes Council Strategic Plan – to decide whether to comment on the latest plans. A number of consultation events are planned during February and March, which some councillors will attend and feed back to the March PC meeting.
e. 16/00202/COUAR – Harmansfield, Wing Road – Prior approval for conversion of an agricultural building – there was insufficient information on the website for councillors to take an informed decision – Cllr Burgess to speak to the planning officer. ACTION: MB

6. To discuss correspondence and communication received since last meeting and decide whether any actions are required:
a. Community Policing Awards – a nomination will be submitted for PCSO Paula Boston in recognition of the support she provides to the village, in particular her help in trying to address concerns regarding traffic problems at the war memorial.
b. Litterblitz began in the 1980’s when different groups and societies got together to help keep the parish litter free. Stewkley Players is now the only group remaining and they asked the PC to revitalise Litterblitz as part of the ‘Clean for the Queen’ initiative this year. It was agreed that this suggestion would be taken on board by the Best Kept Village group.

c. Superfast Broadband – to review a letter from a parishioner suggesting a private provider (Gigaclear) be considered for the south of the village. Cllr Higgins reported that Cabinet 1 serving HSN is now live and residents will be able to order superfast broadband from mid-February. The next roll out from Connected Counties is due this month and Cllrs agreed to see whether the south of the village was included in the roll out before considering other options. Cllr Higgins was thanked for his persistence in pressing Connected Counties and AVDC for inclusion in the programme.

d. Stockhall Crescent telephone box – to receive an update and agree any further actions. It was reported that the telephone box had been cleaned up by the BKV working group and that a local resident had agreed to keep an eye on it this year.

e. Community Land Trust and Community/parish wardens – to agree workshop date to discuss these further. Four councillors were free to attend a workshop on 2 March. The Clerk to find out whether any other more convenient dates were available. ACTION:JE

f. NBPPC – to receive feedback from the January meeting and agree any follow up actions. It was reported that a number of large developments were being proposed by developers.

g. LAF – to receive feedback from the January meeting and agree any follow up actions. It was reported that LAF priorities for 2016-7 will be ‘activities and facilities for young people aged 11+’ and ‘speeding through villages and HGVs’. The budget for this area would be £22,000 with £10,000 ring fenced for projects run by Aylesbury Youth Action and £12,000 ring fenced for traffic calming.

h. Parish Liaison – to receive feedback from the January meeting and agree any follow up actions. It was reported that budget reductions may force TVP to reduce the number of PCSO. Support for rural transport and bus subsidies are also likely to be cut.

7. Neighbourhood Plan: To receive an update from the working group, agree the terms of reference and any actions arising. The working group gave details of the questionnaire to be delivered to all homes in Stewkley and Littlecote. All volunteers will sign a confidentiality statement; the information collected will be anonymous and treated in the strictest confidence. The working group were thanked for their considerable efforts in pulling this together in such a short timescale. Cllrs agreed the proposal. The draft terms of reference were also agreed with an additional clause ‘to liaise with AVDC at all stages’.

8. Recreation Ground:
a. To agree the details of the pavilion refurbishment that will be submitted to AVDC for planning permission. Cllrs agreed to submit the application for a rear extension and veranda and delegated the task to Cllr Pryke and the Clerk. ACTION: CP, JE

b. To receive an update regarding the registration of the lease and the development of the licence to occupy – no progress had been made and it was agreed to carry the item forward to the March agenda.

9. 1st Stewkley Scout Group – To agree:
a. The details of the new scout hut that will be submitted to AVDC for planning permission. Cllrs agreed to submit the application which would be prepared by Louise Dove.

b. The key aspects to be contained in a lease between the PC and the Scouts – no progress had been made and it was agreed to carry the item forward to the March agenda.

10. Highways, Footways and Footpaths Lighting
a. To review a report on highways issues and agree any actions arising – Cllr Higgins had investigated the cost of laying gravel on the footpath between Hayward Park and Bletchley Road to address the excess water. It was agreed that £300 could be spent on purchasing gravel and volunteers would be asked to help spread it. ACTION: KH
b. Near miss at the War Memorial – to review actions taken and agree proposals for traffic calming. Cllr Higgins reported that TfB will meet with representative from the PC traffic sub committee in February to discuss the options available. It was also agreed that an MVAS unit could be mounted on the lamp post approaching the war memorial to capture the speed of oncoming traffic. A letter had been drafted to inform local residents. It was suggested that liaison with St. Michael’s School in relation to the school travel plan should take also place.

c. To agree details of tree reductions in Fishweir that will be submitted to AVDC for planning permission. The Clerk was asked to contact residents to confirm which trees needed to be cut back. Cllrs agreed to submit the application. ACTION: JE

d. To receive an update regarding the street lights in Griffin Field and the pathway to HSS. It was reported that Hightown Housing Association had agreed to pay for to upgrade the streetlights to LED and to replace the floor level lighting in the pathway between Griffin Field and HSS with bollard lights. The Parish Council will adopt the lights on completion of the work to the agreed standards. Work to commence in March 2016.

11. Traffic Management Sub Committee – To review the speed watch report and agree any actions arising. The report was noted.

12. Stewkley Wildlife Reserve: To discuss and authorise expenditure incurred or actions required. Two sets of batteries had been purchased to operate the infrared camera at cost of £29.34.

13. Finance
a. To review the budget monitoring report – the report was reviewed and agreed.

b. To draw cheques – to be confirmed at the meeting

MVAS Maintenance £225.28
Guide to N. Planning £ 3.00
Defibrillator spares £ 33.60
HM Revenue & Customs £330.00
Clerk £519.86
Batteries £ 29.34
Repair village benches £120.00

Recreation Ground
Cleaning Materials £208.62
Cleaning Materials £109.09
PPL Licence £144.41
PRS Licence £319.87

c. Community Fund – to receive an update of the successful bids for 2015 and agree the budget for 2016. It was reported that £1,250 had been spent in 2015-6. A budget of £3,000 would be made available for 2016-7 and the scheme to be advertised in the Grapevine. ACTION: JE

14. Councillor’s General Items: to report on meetings attended on behalf of the Parish Council and agree whether to add to the next agenda. Cllr Kennedy reported that the Spinney was looking super and thanked all the volunteers for their considerable efforts.

Agree the date of the next meeting: Monday 7 March 2016 – 7.30pm

The meeting closed at 10.10pm