AGENDA Parish Council Meeting 4th February 2019

To members of the Council,

You are hereby summoned to the Meeting of Stewkley Parish Council on Monday 4 February 2019 to be held in the Village Hall, Stewkley, commencing at 7.30pm for the purpose of transacting the following business:


1. Receive Apologies: to accept apologies for absence.

2. Open Forum:

3. Declaration of interest in items on the agenda: to declare any interests.

4. To confirm the minutes of the previous PC Meeting on Monday 3 December 2018

5. Planning: To discuss planning applications and make recommendation.
a) First Floor side extension; 3 Tythe Gardens Stewkley Buckinghamshire LU7 0HF 19/00001/APP.
b) Creation of new Calf Rearing Unit comprising the erection of three agricultural buildings and temporary siting of a Rural Worker’s Dwelling.
Land 0ff Dean Road Stewkley Buckinghamshire
19/00132/APP | Received: Mon 14 Jan 2019.
c) Erection of dwelling (amendment to 16/04116/APP)
Land Rear of Tythe House High Street South Stewkley.LU7 0HL 19/00258/APP.
d) First floor front extension
2 St Michaels Close Stewkley Buckinghamshire LU7 0HN 19/00308/APP.

6. To discuss correspondence and communication received since last meeting and decide on any action.
a. 66 HSN correspondence with Abbey Mill Homes – feedback Clerk.
b. To resolve to give authority of Chair or VC to sign NHB applications on behalf of SPC.
c. To resolve to give Authority of Chair or VC to sign Local Council Devolution Agreement Variation.
d. GDPR progress. Cllr Morgan update.
e. To decide Pre-budget meeting. 18/2/19 !0 30 at Cllr Smith’s home.
f. Neighbourhood watch. Cllr Higgins update.
g. Ox Cam Expressway responses from Mursley PC, Drayton Parslow PC and Wing PC responses. Clerk.
h. Vandalism: Spinney, Allotments, Church Furlong. Camera actions.
i. Dunton Rd Traffic. Cllr Higgins

7. Neighbourhood Plan: To receive an update from the steering group and agree any actions arising;

8. Recreation Ground: To note any outstanding requirements and agree any actions;

9. Highways, Footways and Footpaths Lighting: Update and agree any actions arising;
Ivy Lane closure

10. Stewkley Wildlife Reserve: To discuss and authorise expenditure incurred or actions required;

11. Burial Ground: To discuss and authorise expenditure incurred or actions required
Report – subcommittee.

12. Finance
a. Budget Monitoring.

13. To draw cheques and ratify BACS payments – to be confirmed at the meeting.

14. General Items: To report on meetings attended on behalf of the Parish Council and agree whether to add items to the next agendaVaht meeting Cllr Higgins; Community Forum TVP Cllr Higgins.

15. Date of next meeting Monday 4 March 2019