Stewkley cottage

Pride in our village

Grass Verges and Hedges

More and more services that used to be handled by the county council are now being devolved to the local parish council.

The Stewkley Enterprise Agency was set up by David Lett in 2013 to look after some of these services like grass cutting, foot path strimming, hedge trimming and weeding in the village, whilst also providing wok opportunities for local young people. SEA has once again employed 6 village people part time to do the work.

SEA is contracted to do 10 cuts per year and they have consistently done this under budget due to careful cost management. This year a weed killing operation was instigated and we will continue to monitor the frequency of this to try and keep on top of the gutter and pavement weeds.

Litter Bins and Dog Waste

There are fifteen litter bins and six dog waste bins along the High Street and many more in the Recreation Ground, helping everyone to keep our village litter free. We are embarking on a renewal of the yellow litter bins as they are looking worse for wear and are often too low and overflowing. The Council has reviewed the current ones, their placements, size and suitability and new ones will be in place during the summer months.

War Memorial and Village Pumps

We continue to be very grateful for all those who give up so much of their own time to keep the war memorial and village pumps in such lovely condition. Much of this work goes on unseen and unheralded in our village, but it is what makes Stewkley such a pleasant place to live. Thank you.

If you have any ideas for improving the village environment please contact us.